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Scary view of grim reaper at cemetery with spooky cloudy sky and fog, Horror Halloween con
Haunted Houses

Haunted houses: 

Discover the Haunted houses of Scary Valley or also known as (horror houses). Don't miss out on these scary experiences that will make your hair stand on end.

Mockbrown's Workshop

Since the father of the Mockbrown brothers died, the famous model workshop has not managed to have the quality, the fame and the benefits that it used to have; the father took the secrets of the trade and the company's accounting to his grave. Recently, witnesses from the town heard that the Mocbrown's son pledged everything to save the company, that he would find a way to resurrect his father if necessary ... we think the idea has gotten out of hand. No one has heard from the Mockbrown family for days and no one has been seen leaving the house or workshop where they work, out of the way and in the middle of the forest, and lately people are mysteriously disappearing around the area ... do you dare to discover what happened at the Mockbrown workshop?


Haunted housed?

Coming soon... 

Horror photo of an old black  scary haunted tv set with ghost hands on screen, standing on

Military Base No. 13

The 13th Battalion Brigade should never have returned. The horrible experiences they endured in the war turned their soldiers into a savage brigade, capable of committing horrible atrocities in order to do their duty. As a preventive measure, a special camp was set up in which Major Gallow and his soldiers' thirst for blood could be contained. We need volunteers to check the state of the camp, however, to date none have made it out alive. They vowed to kill for their sergeant and will do their duty to the end ...

Scare Zones

Scare Zones:

Enter the most terrifying streets of the park, two areas completely transformed into terrible corners where your nightmares will not let you rest and you will be surrounded by shadows, screams and crazy laughter, face creatures that have come out of the worst nightmares.


Monster's door

Discover a festive and crazy atmosphere mixed with terror, in this scare zone you can have your worst nightmares close by for as long as you want. (Located at the main entrance)


Paranormal Nightmare

Live a nightmare full of tense moments in this Scare Zone.


Other attractions and activities:


Ride In The Dark

Discover a walk of about 1h of duration set in Halloween and with different characters that will be waiting for you.



Transform yourself into the halloween character you want in FX studios.


Restore Points


The Lloca Restaurant

Sit down  in the midst of the terror of dining at La Lloca restaurant, you can find a wide variety of menus.

( 7:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. )

cerveza pan tostado

Bar in the Dark

Are you queuing to enter the Haunted Houses and want to eat something between waiting and waiting?
You can sit on the terrace of "Bar in The Dark" for a quick bite to eat or buy drinks.

( 8:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. )

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